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What are the fee requirements to register abandoned and vacant properties?

As of August 2016, the fee requirements for the Abandoned and Vacant Properties have changed according to the following Hamilton Township ordinance:

Sec. 66-39 Abandoned property
(d) Registration required; fee.

(4) An initial registration fee of $500 shall accompany the registration form filing.  The fee for subsequent renewals shall be $1000 for the second year, $2000 for the third year, and $3000 for the fourth and each subsequent year and shall be due by the anniversary date of the initial registration each year. The registration fee will not be prorated or refunded.  The yearly fee required to be paid by the initial registrant and any subsequent registrant for the same property shall be based upon the filing date of the initial registration.  The owner shall be required to renew the registration annually as long as the property remains vacant.  If a building is to be occupied within 9 months a change of occupancy inspection may be ordered in accordance with section 66-63(a).

Future payments must be made according to this fee schedule or invoice provided with renewal application to avoid returned checks and delay in processing.

Updated 2/23/2017 11:03 AM
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