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Why am I experiencing discoloration and/or decreased water pressure?

Is your water company Aqua NJ or Trenton Water Works?

If Aqua NJ is your water company:
In order to continue providing residents with clear, safe water, Aqua New Jersey conducts their water main flushing program at various times.   For daily flushing updates from Aqua please call 587-4080 Ext 56514.

Customers may experience temporary discoloration and/or decreased water pressure during this process.  Just run the cold water for a minute or two until it clears.  It is also suggested that you store several quarts of water in advance for use during this time.
Aqua New Jersey  10 Black Forest Road  Hamilton NJ 08691  1-877-987-2782.

If Trenton Water Works (TWW) is your company:
Trenton Water Works flushes hydrants daily from the time the weather gets warm until it is too cold to do this.  If a resident calls to report discoloration and/or decreased water pressure, call the Maintenance and Construction Department at 989-3222 or 3223 to see if TWW is in the area flushing hydrants.  If they are, advise resident that once they are done flushing, if they run the cold water for a minute or two it should clear.

Updated 2/23/2012 3:14 PM
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