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Where can seniors and their families get information about and access senior services?

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WHAT IS NJ EASE? 1-877-222-3737 o NJ EASE (New Jersey Easy Access, Single Entry) is the easy way for seniors and their families to get information about and access senior services.

NJ EASE is one toll-free telephone number to put you in touch with someone to help you learn about and apply for important program and benefits.
NJ EASE promotes independence, dignity and choice for New Jersey’s older adults. When you dial the NJ EASE toll-free telephone number, a person from an agency in your county answers. You’ll speak with someone who is trained, knowledgeable and ready to help you. Once services are provided, NJ EASE keeps in touch with you to make sure the services continue to meet your needs.

NJ EASE staff members are trained to provide you with answers and information on a wide variety of topics, including:  Healthcare  Insurance  Home Care Services  Long Term Care Options  Transportation  Social Activities  Nutrition  Volunteer Opportunities  And more! 

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