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What should I do with the annual post tax year statement that I received?

Every year in January, the assessor's office sends out this form to every person receiving a $250 tax deduction for senior and disability. This form is not sent out to those receiving Veteran deduction. This form must be filed on or before March 1st to continue receiving this deduction.  There is a cover letter attached with instructions.  This form is to verify that they are still living in the house and that their income did not go any higher than 10,000 not including social security.  

Resident is to complete #3 and #4 on the form and date, sign and send back to assessor's office.  They do not need to bring it in person; they can mail it.  An envelope is not provided.  Also, they do not need to provide their social security number since the assessor's office already had it on file.

If property owner is receiving a 100% exemption due to disability, they get a separate letter every couple of years just to confirm that nothing has changed.  They need to send back the form.

Updated 12/21/2016 11:06 AM
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