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Does the Township provide a service for removal of bee hives?

If the beehive is in a curbside tree or a tree that is hanging over the sidewalk, submit a service request for the tree crew to  come out and evaluate the situation.  They will come out to spray the hive for removal. However, if it is a honey beehive, the township will not provide this service because the removal of honey bees requires special attention and a beekeeper must be contacted.

If the beehive is in a tree other than the curbside tree, it is the responsibility of the property owner to call an exterminator to have the hive removed. If someone is reporting a bee's nest on someone else's private property, a health officer will respond to the concern and if warranted a violation will be issued requiring the resident to remove the nest.  This is in accordance with State Health Nuisance Code Chapter 94 Section 94-1.
If someone is reporting a bee's nest on township property, this should be reported to Public Works.
Updated 10/14/2016 8:31 AM
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