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Are there any programs that provide heating/cooling assistance?

Energy Assistance Programs are administered through the State of NJ Dept of Community Affairs.  For additional information call (609) 633-2378 or e-mail

NJShares Energy Assistance  The Bromley Neighborhood Center (587-8100) is an intake agency  for Hamilton residents interested in applying for energy assistance through NJShares.  The toll free number for NJShares is 1-866-NJSHARES.

The Weatherization Assistance Program is administered by Mercer County's Housing & Community Development Office.  It is a program to help people with very limited resources reduce their fuel bills, save energy and have warmer homes in the process.

Who Can Apply?
       Residents of Mercer County;
       Both Homeowners and families that rent may apply for energy conservation assistance;
       Persons 60 years of age, individuals who are handicapped and families with young children are given priority consideration;
       Eligible applicants must meet the following gross annual income limits:
       Family Size                                         Annual HH Income
             1 $21,660
             2                                                         $29,140
             3                                                         $36,620
             4                                                         $44,100
             5                                                         $51,580
             6                                                         $59,060
             7                                                         $66,540
             8                                                         $74,020
Each Additional Member                                    $7,480

Four (4) Basic Steps in the Process
Step 1  Interested persons submit an application to the Mercer County Housing and Community Development Office located at 640 South Broad Street, Trenton,NJ.  Applications can be obtained on-line or by visiting the office or calling (609) 989-6858.
Step 2  Approved applications receive a free home energy audit conducted by the County housing personnel.  The home energy audit determines the type of energy conservation measure(s) that are required to reduce the energy cost of each residence.
Step 3  Mercer County employs a contractor to install the energy conservation measures identified during the energy audit.
Step 4 A final inspection is conducted by County housing personnel to insure that all the home improvements have been properly installed.
The contractor is paid by Mercer County.

The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)  The LIHEAP application period runs from October 1st to April 30th of each year. This allows residents to apply to pay for home heating and medically necessary cooling costs through bill payment assistance , energy crisis assistance and energy-related home repairs.  To be eligible,  applicants must be responsible for home heating or cooling costs, either directly or included in the rent, and have gross income at, or below, 200-percent of the federal poverty level. Residents can register for assistance at the McDade Administration Building, Room 106, 640 South Broad St., Trenton.  Residents can also register by appointment only at County Connection on Rt 33. Information is also available on line at
For more information, contact the Mercer County Housing and Community Development Office at 609-989-6858 or 609-989-6959.

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