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Can I put a dumpster/POD on the street in front of my house?

It is always advised and preferred that a dumpster be placed in the driveway.  However, if there is a reason that it cannot be placed in the driveway and must be placed on the street, be sure that is is as close to the curb as possible, that it is not obstructing traffic flow on the street, it is not located close to a corner causing an obstruction and must be so many feet from a stop sign, it cannot block any driveway, including your own driveway and it must have reflectors on it or cones around it at night.

The companies that provide these are aware of the rules and should follow them when placing the dumpster/pod in the street.  Also, most of the dumpsters/pods come with reflectors on them.

Updated 7/25/2014 8:51 AM
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