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Where do I report that my neighbor's pool is not maintained and therefore causing a mosquito problem

Standing/Stagnant Water complaints are only a Public Health concern if it is actively breeding mosquitoes.  The Health Department will investigate all complaints where a resident reports that a neighbor's pool is causing a mosquito problem.  The Health Department is concerned only with the presence of mosquito larvae.  If the inspector sees that there is mosquito larvae, they will send the property owner a violation.  If the property owner does not comply with the violation upon re-inspection, the inspector will contact the Mercer County Mosquito Control Commission.

Once the township contacts mosquito control, the resident can follow up with them directly: 

Mercer Co Div of Mosquito Control 
Ary Farajollahi - Superintendent 
300 Scotch Rd - Bldg 1 
West Trenton, NJ 08628
Direct: 609-530-7516
Fax: 609-530-7507 


Resident should also check their own property for any objects that may be holding water.  An object as small as a cap from a water bottle, if holding water, could attract mosquitoes.

Mosquito larvae is visible and is worm shaped. It is found swimming on the top of the pool. Larvae is only present in stagnant water; it cannot survive in water that is moving. 

Conditions, other than the presence of mosquito larvae, are not a health hazard.  For instance, green water does not pose a hazard to the neighbor.  

Mold is not regulated by the State and there is no township ordinance addressing mold.  Mold is always present in the outside to some degree.

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