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Who do I contact about a bill I received for township clean-up work to my property?

A complaint concerning weed & debris clean-ups can be initiated by the Health Department, the Public Works Department or the Engineering Office.  Once the homeowner is notified by mail and the problem is not addressed, the Public Works crews will physically do the clean-up and then will turn the billing over to the Tax Office.  Upon receipt of the billing, we will send a bill to the owner for the township clean-up work.  If the bill goes unpaid, this will become eligible for the lien Tax Sale that is held each December by the Tax Office.

If someone has a concern regarding the billing (how much the amount owed is, if any interest is needed), collecting or enforcing of this bill, please have them contact the Tax Office.  
If they are questioning the make-up of the billing, example who did this work, how many hours were the township workers involved with the clean-up, etc., this should be addressed to the Health Department.

Updated 12/5/2011 11:07 AM
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