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Who do I contact if my curbside tree is interfering with the utility wires?

If a tree is growing into the wires, the property owner should contact a licensed private tree maintenance contractor to provide any needed tree trimming service, as by ordinance, maintenance and trimming of curbside trees is the responsibility of the property owner.  As a preventative maintenance measure, PSEG, in accordance with a self-mandated schedule, trims any tree near or along the roadside, which interferes  with the high voltage power line ONLY. The high voltage power line is defined as the wire which is the topmost line/wire that runs from telephone pole to telephone pole along the immediate road/curbside.  There are normally porcelin insulators at each pole connected to this wire and also transformers at some pole locations below the power line, to reduce the voltage/power.  Any electric line which connects from a pole to a common home or building is NOT considered high voltage (for tree trimming standards), and therefore PSEG does not provide trimming services around these electric service lines.  A licensed private tree maintenance contractor must be contacted to handle this work.

If a limb or portion of a curbside tree is broken and dangling on the utility wire, causing a roadside hazard, the tree supervisor of the Public Works Dept. will evaluate the situation and address appropriately.  All trees, other than curbside trees, on private property are the responsibility of the property owner to contact PSEG (which may or may not assist), or a licensed private tree maintenance contractor to remove any limbs that are broken or dangling on the wire(s).

FYI:  If a line is down, then we should call PSEG first to determine the situation.  The lines coming into the home are NOT considered high voltage with relation to tree trimming standards.  Any electric line rated below 750 volts, (which nearly all homes utilize), is considered lower voltage and PSEG will not address any tree trimming around this wire.  NOTE: Possible exception is made to remove a broken branch or portion of tree dangling on a lower voltage wire, as an emergency service, but NO other trimming service is provided.  A licensed private contractor is expected and is legally permitted to handle any tree trimming work around these lower voltage electric and cable TV lines.  

Updated 9/7/2012 2:28 PM
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