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What practice fields are suitable for Women League Only?

Grice SB  (near parking lot)  *no 4pm time-slot after June 24
HHW V SB*  (Front left)
HHW JV SB*  (Back left corner)
Nottingham SB II*  (near relocatable classrooms)
Reynolds SB*  (Behind Reynolds-OVER CREEK ON THE RIGHT)
Steinert I*  (between Reynolds & SHS-on Yrdvl-Ham Sq Rd)  No permits until June

1.  Permits must be in manager's name only (not coach's)
2.  A team is able to be in possession of TWO permits at one time.  When one permit is used, the manager may get ONE MORE (so that you have a total of 2).
3.  Fields may be reserved as far in advance as you'd like.  The only restriction is HOW MANY YOU HAVE AT ONE TIME.
4.  Fields may be reserved in person at the Recreation Office or By Calling 890-4028.
5.  It is highly recommended that you have the permit on your while practicing.

Schools reserve the right to cancel any of our permits at any time.


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