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What is the procedure for requesting a handicapped parking space and sign in front of my residence?

A prerequisite to applying for a handicapped parking space is that you must have a handicapped license plate or placard.  If you do not have a handicapped license plate or placard, you must apply through your local Motor Vehicle Office's Special Plate Unit. 

If you already possess a handicapped license plate or placard, to request a handicapped parking space, you must fill out a form.  Forms can be obtained in the Traffic Unit of the Police Division.  You can contact the Traffic Unit at (609) 581-4024.

Once the completed form is received, someone from the Traffic Unit will review the request by inspecting the location and making a determination.  If it is recommended, a Council Action Request is sent to the Township Legal Department to prepare the Ordinance for the Council Agenda.  All requests must go before Council for approval.  Ordinances must go on for two readings.  Ordinances become law 20 days after the Mayor signs them, and they must be published.  After the ordinance is signed by the Mayor, the Traffic Bureau sends a request to the Public Works Sign Shop to paint the box and post the sign.
Updated 5/2/2013 4:07 PM
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